Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saving Seeds

The October garden is hard work. We're experiencing a cold spell here in the midwest, which pretty much means the prime days of growing and blossoming have come to an end. There are lots of peppers and tomatoes that need to be harvested. There are plants that need to be protected from the frosty nights. The herbs need to be cut down and processed. The dying plants have to pulled from the dirt, and new seeds for fall have to be sown. And whenever we have the chance, there are plenty of seeds that need to be saved.

So far we've collected seeds from our chive plants,

some of our peppers,

jumping jacks and violets,

and poppies.

Saving seeds are a great way to reduce the start-up cost of our garden next year. It's also a way we can ensure the "longevity" of the plants we enjoyed this year!

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