Sunday, October 20, 2013

back at attica and almost done

30 ft. up in the air on a lift is fun
after a 10 day hiatus ladonna and i met back at the mural in attica to finish it up.  the city rented us a lift to finish out the top of the wall that we couldn't reach safely on the scaffold or ladders.  the lift has been a trip to use.  i've never had the opportunity to use one before, and after getting the hang of it, the thing is a dream way to be able to work this high up the wall.  driving a machine from 30 feet in the air is interesting, but it helped crank out the top of the wall in no time.

we're nearly finished with this mural.  there are a few details left to fill in (tomorrow) and i'd like to vignette in the top of the wall underneath the eave, but that's really all that's left.  this project has been a huge undertaking, and i'm glad its wrapping up.  i tend to work really quickly, but working with an artist that works in a more meticulous style and with a small community that has expectations and inclusions has forced me to work much slower than normal, but the result is solid.  i feel like this mural does a lot for city of attica.  it tells a story of home, family, and life in a small town.  but it tells it in a really interesting way.  there's something for everyone in here.

ladonna on the ladder adding in another element.  new additions from the weekend include the indiana/attica panel, the nasturtiums, the barn, curtains, the window lintel on the right, a golfer on the far left (a bit hidden by the scaffold), a lion head fountain from the park, and all of the wallpaper patterns at the top of the wall.

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