Tuesday, October 8, 2013


"Makan"is the Malay word for "eat." When you are Singapore, you want to makan at the hawker centers. You have to sample as many of the local fare as you can. Skip the high-end restaurants operated by celebrity chefs. You haven't really been to Singapore until you've eaten some of these ...

singapore hawker center food
raw fish porridge, a favorite of my dad's
singapore hawker center food
char kway teow. a true hawker center classic. this dish has the reputation of being artery-clogging, but it's perfect for that occasional indulgence. 
singapore hawker center food
Singapore-style beef noodles. it's nothing like Vietnamese pho; it's better :)
glutinous rice with peanuts
glutinous rice with peanuts and anchovies. great breakfast.
Laksa. I love this. We even shared a recipe for it on our blog; you can find it here.
chwee kueh
chwee kueh -- rice cakes topped with pickled radish and chili sauce. typically eaten for breakfast. 
mee hoon kueh
mee hoon kueh, also known as handmade noodles. served in a delicious anchovy-based broth.
crab. steamed and eaten cold. this is as simple as crab gets. yums.
lor mee
lor mee. egg noodles smothered in a yummy sauce that's topped off with vinegar and minced raw garlic.

And if you're wondering what to drink while you're chowing away at the hawker centers, I recommend teh-C, which is a local version of tea sweetened with sugar and jazzed up with evaporated milk. Delicious!

milk tea

People say eating is the national obsession in Singapore. It's hard not to agree. If you're interested in what else you should try when you visit Singapore, here's another list of must-eats that Zach and I compiled when we got back from visiting my family last year!


Nixon K said...

These are going on the list for December. I haven't had a good beef noodle in a long time!

Mindy Medler said...

Ah, I'm envious, Nixon! Do you get to be home for a while or is it going to be a quick trip (as in anything less than 3 weeks!)? I was only home for a week. Definitely too short to eat everything I want!

Nixon K said...

Just two weeks in December. Gone are the days when I can go home for three weeks or six weeks (when I was in college). Airfare I'd crazy expensive in December but have to go. It's my Dad's big birthday.

Mindy Medler said...

oh, i'm sure it's expensive in december. but it'll be totally worth it. have fun, and eat lots! :)

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