Thursday, October 31, 2013

rObOt sewing project

mindy and i are gradually easing into doing some product lines with fabric.  i mostly make pop images, and they apply well to wearables and accessories.  so i'm jumping in with some bags.  i've designed 2 basic patterns of a robot head and a cat head clutch/small bag.

i put together my test robot clutch today.  the first one is always time consuming because i have no idea what i'm doing and have to develop the method in the process.  i'm not doing anything advanced, just some simple shapes to match my imagery.

i hand printed each piece with a collection of square and rectangle blocks, then added in some details like eyes and a diamond plate pattern.  i stitched around all the shapes and spaces to 'quilt' the top layer of fabric to the liner pattern piece.  then i assembled it.

i'm hoping that in the future these can be created pretty easily and sold for a reasonable price.  they are fun and should be affordable.

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