Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Children's Day

In Singapore, October 1st is celebrated as Children's Day annually. Though I am no longer a little kid, I am still always the baby when I come home to visit. I am staying with my parents while I am visiting, and for the first time in over a decade, I am the only child at home.

I remember loving that Children's Day meant I only had to be in school for half a day. During that couple of hours, there would be an abundance of candy and students would take turns performing songs and dances for the whole school to watch. I was always too shy to participate but I thought all the fanfare was hilarious.

This Children's Day, my mom and I did something special for the one child in our life. We took my nephew, Asher, on a little day trip to town. Asher got to see the sights and sounds of busy Orchard Road. It might not have been the easiest (or most convenient) thing to do, but it warmed my heart to see his little face light up. He got to smile at strangers and make friends with other kids. It is 10pm now and we are all exhausted and awaiting his mom and dad to come pick him up.

Hope everyone gets to celebrate their inner child today. Happy Children's Day!

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