Monday, October 21, 2013

Attica Mural: 10.21

I spent most of this cold and windy afternoon out in Attica watching Zach and Ladonna paint. The city has kindly provided a cherry picker so they can reach the peaks of the building. I'm afraid of heights but I decided I would ride up with Zach to get some closer shots of some of the details towards the top of the mural.

Being three stories up in the air is a frightening feat. I didn't appreciate the tilt of the lift or the bumps on the way up, but I do appreciate the courage of both Zach and Ladonna. They are determined to finish the mural this week and nothing, not even strong winds, rain sprinkles, or being 30ft off the ground, is going to hold them back!

Here are some other shots from this afternoon ...

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