Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jazz Action Heroes: Official Unveiling

lafayette indiana graffiti street art
jazz action heroes, on 4th st. in downtown lafayette, april 2013
yesterday morning i finished out the final details on the mural on 4th st.  the official title is jazz action heroes.  the weather was not exactly very cooperative this month, but through rain, wind, and floods, and many reschedules, we got it finished.  i'm very proud and appreciative of the kids in my mural class.  they put a lot of energy into this piece, and the finished product is something i hope they can't wait to sign.

we unveil TONIGHT at 4pm.  if you're in town, please come by.  meet the crew.  shake their hands and tell them how much you appreciate their service to the community.  they're a great group of kids.

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