Friday, April 5, 2013

'art from where you live': day 3

athens studio and gallery crawfordsville
north wall
I arrived today at the gallery space with the mindset that I was going to finish up before closing. And I did. mostly. i've still got one part to install, but that won't be until next wednesday. so for now, it's finished. I did a lot more work with the cardboard surface, tearing in a checkerboard field and two grain silos. the corrugated texture in the cardboard mimics so many different building surfaces. It's quite a fun technique and matches the aesthetic nicely.

athens studio and gallery crawfordsville
traffic on the bridge.  see the cat in the window?
Today's additions included a row of traffic going across a bridge, the iphone american gothic, the rest of the plane, the checkerboard fields beneath, grain silos, some canadian geese above the door jam, and some other things i can't remember at the moment. It feels full and lively, and richly textured.

More people stopped in and drew on the interactive wall too. If you come to see the show or walk by the gallery, please add a drawing to the wall, even its just two dots and a smile. All it asks is for you to participate.

athens studio and gallery crawfordsville
detail.  using all of the cardboards textures.
It took not quite 20 hours to complete everything and there's a lot to discover. It's a fun and colorful space, albeit a muted colorful space. All the textures work very well together added in the physical structures of the room and the interactive panel in the window make for what I hope is a great audience experience.

athens studio and gallery crawfordsville
middle (west) wall
athens studio and gallery crawfordsville
south wall.  see the geese flying above the door jam.

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Just simply great to see the working process and the way it converges into a finish

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