Wednesday, April 3, 2013

'art from where you live': day 1

athens arts crawfordsville
another public participation mural inviting everyone to come in and draw!
Today I started a new mural installation at Athens of Indiana Arts Studios and Gallery in Crawfordsville, IN. C'ville is home to my alma mater, Wabash College, so i'm excited to be back in town to create work for Athen's 'Grow the Arts' campaign.

athens arts crawfordsvilleWhen I arrived in the morning I immediately got to work on an interactive mural panel that is now in the front window of the gallery space. I am again encouraging the public to participate in creating an ongoing community mural that will run for the next 6 weeks. I got it started with some primer and washy primary colors. Then I painted a robot drawing a line across the whole panel. There is a robin that sits on his line imploring the public to come in and draw, and there is a little set of daffodils. I can't wait to see what all gets added to it through the course of the show.  i've already got some new lines and drawings on it.

athens arts crawfordsville
daffodils for spring.  Grow the arts!
I'm also installing a multi-dimensional mural in the gallery space.  I imagine it will take me a few days to finish it, but i'm inviting people to come down and watch as i work on it.  it's fun to see the creative process, so i'm putting it on display.  i started by tacking a few large sheets of cardboard and a couple of corrugated metal panels to the wall.  Then i started slinging paint on the wall.  I completed a majority of the initial coat of paint today.  Tomorrow i will finish it out and then i'll begin drawing on everything.
athens arts crawfordsville
Day 1 progress in the gallery space

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