Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jazz Action Heroes: Day 1

lafayette indiana street art graffiti mural
one day (2 hours) of painting and the color blocking is nearly complete

yesterday i went to Brent's Bench on 4th st. to get a new mural started.  I cut in all the lines and initial shapes so that we had something to work off of today.  I had 5 students from my mural class show up, and we immediately got to work filling in the initial color blocks.

it was really windy, but also very warm today and most of these kids have never used a spray can before.  well, i gave them some krylon and rustoleum last week to test out.  but even in the wind the kids did a good job keeping the blow out semi-under control.  here's where we stopped.  the class meets every tuesday and i'll be working a little bit in between to clean up mistakes, so stay tuned to see where we take it next.  next week starts the details.

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