Monday, April 22, 2013

Jazz Action Heroes: Day 2

sunday's stopping point. 
yesterday i met my mural class to finally get back to work on the new piece at Brent's Bench.  we've been sidelined by the indiana spring weather.  but finally after nearly 2 weeks of rain, cold, wind and generally shitty outdoor painting conditions, the clouds cleared off, the sun came out, and so did the spray cans.

having a class on a sunday is a bit weird, and i was surprised when the majority of my class showed up to work.  they all seemed quite excited about spending their sunday afternoon on the wall.  and i was grateful that they showed that type of commitment to the work.  we broke out the tape and some stencils and started in on the details of the painting.  it was fun to watch the blank spaces begin to fill with patterns and details.  i'm super excited about the xylophone with all the multi-colored tines.  one of my students decided that it should be multi-colored like a kid's toy, and the effect works perfectly with the playfulness of the rest of the piece.

our final scheduled painting day is tomorrow, but again, indiana spring is throwing us a curveball in the form of another predicted inch of rain.  the unveil is a week away, so we'll have to try our best to get out there when we can, but the painting is developing nicely.  just a bit more to finish up.

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