Friday, April 19, 2013

from the studio: 4.19

today was spent finishing up my piece for the 'under the dome' show at the courthouse.  i meant to enter a print, but i hate framing shit.  it was cheaper for me to make this than to frame a sheet of paper.  and to me: this is cooler.

this piece is made from scrap wood, cardboard, metal and blue jeans.  the imagery is put on with stencils and linocuts.  the white print on the rusty metal will continue to change color as the ink oxidizes with the metal and water.  it's hard to see in the photo but the bottom white panel is a sheet of cardboard.  after using it profusely in 'art from where you live,' it is of course beginning to show up everywhere else.  i used it for a section of the roof on the church i built the other day too.

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