Thursday, April 4, 2013

'art from where you live': day 2

athens arts crawfordsville
today's stopping point
today i began putting imagery into the mural.  instead of continuing to add more color washes to the wall, i  brought in 3 large paintings to cover some of the larger spaces and then started building the narrative off of them.  i started tearing away at the cardboard to reveal the corrugation.  it worked great as a building siding texture.  

This has been a fun project so far.  i think i'll try to complete it tomorrow afternoon.  it's come along way a couple of short days but still has quite a ways to go.  check for a more in depth update tomorrow.  i'm a bit tired today.

athens arts crawfordsville
the Cargill plant in Linden on my drive to Cville
athens arts crawfordsville
the train tracks are on the baseboard which adds a weird semi 3D effect to the drawing

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