Thursday, January 17, 2013

the cat's meow

Do you know what your cat is trying to tell you when it meows? I read somewhere that in addition to body language (ears, eyes, tail, whiskers, etc.), cats also use different meows to communicate their needs. So it's not just purring and hissing that you should pay attention to. All cats have their own distinct meows that tell you when they're hungry, affectionate, sick, or want something. If you have the patience and dedication, you can learn much of your cat's vocalizations. Unfortunately, my understanding of our cat's meows looks more like this:

Our cat never used to meow much. But he's getting more vocal as he gets older. Sometimes it's easy to figure out what he wants, other times, it's just exasperating, and most times, it feels like he's training/manipulating us. Either way, this cat gets our attention whenever we hear him. For example, the cat was busy chattering at something outside the window this morning ...

so I took a look and saw this pretty cardinal.

What a beautiful sight in the middle of winter! Thanks cat!

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