Wednesday, January 30, 2013

safe travels

Late last night found Zach and I sitting in our office. He was cutting stencils on the desk and I was sitting behind him on the futon petting the cat. He had his iTunes on shuffle, and the otherwise quiet room begin to be filled with a sweet melody. I've not heard the song before but I recognized Lisa Hannigan's angelic voice. Suddenly I asked Zach, "did she just sing safe travels, don't die, don't die?" Zach nodded. I hesitated for a bit before telling him she was singing my life with her words; that every time he leaves the house without me, my thoughts are always "safe travels, please don't let anything bad happen." If this sounds a little morbid, it's because such thoughts always are. Then Zach turned around and told me he understood. He said it so sincerely he made me smile. Glad to know I'm not the only worrywart around here.

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