Tuesday, January 29, 2013

midwest existential: part 3 (we've got a projection screen)

yesterday and today were spent tearing apart and reconstructing the walls from the photo in the previous post.  i haven't gotten to those spray cans just yet though, but as of this afternoon we have a projection screen.  i made a 9' long x 4' tall assemblage screen to project the film onto.  it is built right into the inside of the walls.  i painted the wall under the screen black for max contrast and there will be curtains covering the currently empty spaces on the edges on the assemblage.

here's the screen...yes that's a tv...what else would be in there? (ps. check the robot peeking over the top)
the outside of the building is still in flux.  i slapped some yellow, brown, and blue washes on the walls and they look quite hideous right now.  but its just the first coat and they'll come alive later on.  i'm also still deciding how i'm going to have the audience enter the space.  do i want to create a hallway?  how do i strategically place that hallway so i can lead the viewer through the entire work?  and how do i do that with only 2 remaining walls and not much to work with otherwise?  hmmmmm...we'll see.  progress today though.  can't wait to get back tomorrow to some dry paint and some ready surfaces.

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