Sunday, January 20, 2013


Pablo Picasso once said that painting is just another way of keeping a diary.

Inquiring minds want to know -- is making art a lifestyle, a journey (of self-discovery), an escape, a job, an impulse, a distraction, for leisure, for catharsis, for entertainment, for recreation, an obsession, a profession, an adventure, or a hobby for you?
What are your thoughts on making art?
What compels you to make art?



For me it's a continuing passion, def. an adventure, and now a profession. Don't think much about the "why", except that the by-product of working with my hands on anything creative always generates peace and contentment within. In that, I am lucky, but probably not alone.

Best wishes you guys!

Bella Bee said...

I agree with Cranky Bird. When asked recently my answer was it has kept me sane. It can be a way of stepping off the planet and making one's on world.

Mindy said...

I love these answers! I don't make art professionally, so for me, it's about interpreting/materializing that vision I have in my head ... not sure if that makes any sense!

Zach Medler said...

i make art because i don't know what else to do :)

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