Tuesday, January 1, 2013

sketchbook project 2013: chemical corn

zach medler
last year mindy introduced me to the brooklyn art library's sketchbook project.  i hemmed and hawed and finally made something.  then i made a little video with the drawings i'd done.  this year i wanted to take it a step further and use my sketchbook to make an animation.

mindy and i have been doing a lot of research on what we eat lately.  we've learned from experience to learn where our food comes from.  so with that in mind and the new year and resolutions and all, i decided to make an animation about where corn comes from.

we live in the midwest amidst the corn fields and research facilities and processing plants that create the putrid products we find in our grocery stores.  food created from chemicals, grown in chemicals, and then processed back into chemicals for us to consume, filling our bellies, but not nourishing our bodies.

it makes me sad to think that the abundantly fertile valley we call the Heartland of the United States, is being poisoned by our food production industry for the benefit of few to the detriment of many, masked in false advertising propaganda.

1 comment:

Patricia G said...

This is great Zach!
I like the sound effects too and your use of colours.
It shows that it's a subject close to your heart.

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