Monday, January 28, 2013

midwest existential: part 2

after a relaxing day marinating in my own yuck on the couch, it's back to studio grind today.  i install my new show 2 weeks from yesterday and currently i have just the film done.  i've still got to build, print, spray, wire, and light the entire rest of the installation.  no need for sleep the next couple of weeks.

i've also completely changed the idea of the installation.  i was planning on tearing down at Bear's Mill and then re-installing at Artists' Own, but i have too many shows coming up in the spring (running at the same time) and not enough work to show in all the locations at once.  so instead of being a mishmash of midwestern landscapes and the film, i'm going to build a movie theater.  this should be more fun for everyone and fit nicely with some of my other nostalgia-inspired installations (like county fair for example).  it's not really a complete re-do, just a re-direction of what i was already basically building.  but this way, i get to include a bunch of other fun elements like movie posters, pictures, food, and whatever else i can think to include.

so i should probably stop stalling in front of my computer screen and get to work building all this shit.  right now, it's just a plan.  but i think this is a fun (and more than appropriate) idea.  i'll keep posting on the process of the installation over the next couple of weeks, and look for another studio interview like the one from 'midwestern landscapes' soon.

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