Sunday, October 28, 2012

west lafayette mural: day 3

it was a long day at the wall today.  mindy and i started early in the cold morning, worked through the afternoon, and got back home just in time to watch robbie gould nail the game winning field goal for a Bears win.  we were so exhausted when we got back that we just flopped on the couch for the following 4 hours.  just the noise of the traffic on the bridge above and road below is enough to wear you out.


we got a lot of the front walls completed today.  first i fixed what i messed up the day before, then finished drawing in all the robots on the south wall.  mindy was cleaning up some of the sloppy places from the previous days.  then we started painting in the robots on the front walls.  pete and his son arrived after church let out and they started in immediately knocking out a big portion of the color on the south wall.  we also had a great family of volunteers show up to paint today and because we had 8 brushes on the wall, we got a lot accomplished.  i'm looking forward to finishing it out soon.  weather permitting, we'll be out there most of the rest of the week.

it's exciting to watch this mural take shape.  this is such a big space, not just for the size of the walls, but also for the acreage they take up.  the mural is such a visual surprise on the drive north or south on SR43.  the honks have been increasing each day we're out there as people drive by.


Patricia G said...

I love your robots. This is such a great theme for this location.

Zach Medler said...

thanks patricia...i agree...i love the mechanical stuff coming out of the woods from under the bridge and the space is along the entrance into west lafayette from the interstate, so it is highly visible and will be a 'double-take moment' as you drive by......we're gonna try to get back out there tomorrow and work some more...hopefully it will be done in a couple of weeks

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