Friday, October 26, 2012

west lafayette mural: day 2

i was determined to paint today, and thankfully, so was the weather.  after a steady rain through most the night, the AM radar showed a line of storms 100 miles east of us and nothing behind it but sketchy-looking grey clouds.  we picked up paint cans from the studio, headed out to the wall, and quickly got started painting in outlines on the front pylons.  i got a couple of large robots on the walls before pete arrived with 2 of his kids.  we got them started painting in the robots on the back walls with mindy helping them layout the colors properly, then got back to working in some more images on the front pylons.

pete added his icon robot stencils to the mix and i continued with the large and small free-hand/stencil pieces.  by the end of the day we had outlines completed on the north wall and started on the south wall, until i began to lose focus and screwed up the legs on a huge centerpiece figure.  but that's ok, i'll paint over it on sunday.  there is a lot going on with these walls and there is still a lot missing, but we are headed in the right direction.

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