Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Garden Update

October hasn't been the best month for our garden so far. But we already knew the cold winds, the wet rains, and the falling temperatures were going to get the best of our plants eventually. I'm just a little sad to have to say goodbye to my first vegetable garden. Zach will have to pull everything out while I sit and pout in the corner.

Here's what's happening, starting with the plants that are still growing ...

The quinoa seed sprouted a plant that just keeps getting taller. It's funky looking, and apparently, pretty hardy too!
Baby bokchoy -- these are ready for harvest when they grow to 2 inches tall. I planted them in September, but the cold and erratic weather must be slowing their growth.  
Spinach -- these are supposed to grow well in cooler weather, but they are a little stunted (like the baby bokchoy) at the moment. Now if only we can get a few more hours of sunshine a day ...
Lettuce love cooler temperatures and they grow well in the shade. I hope we have a few more weeks of fresh lettuce!

And here are the plants that are not doing so well ...

Sweet baby girl tomatoes -- there are still a couple of tomatoes on the vine, but these will have to hurry if they want to ripen; Zach is ready to rip out the tomatoes plants! 
Our poor, poor okra. We harvested a total of 5 pods. The cold zapped our plants, and though there are still occasional blooms, it is unlikely that we'll get more this year. We're gonna try and plant okra earlier next year!
Blueberry leaves are all turning a really gorgeous shade of red
The strawberry plant leaves are also on their way to turning red! There weren't any flowers or fruits this year, but we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope for some harvest next year!
These are the flowers from our coriander plant. Teeny, tiny, delicate white flowers. I love them, so we're just leaving them to grow.

And just for fun, here's a picture of our garden back in March!

p.s. revisit our September garden here.

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