Saturday, October 13, 2012

building blocks of Walton

yesterday afternoon mindy and i went to Walton to put the final touches on mural there.  we've been kept away the last couple of weeks by wind, rain, and the flu, which is disappointing because i hate leaving a public piece half-done.  but after a late start, and working into the early evening, we got it finished.

after our initial painting session with the students, we discussed with them where to go next with the mural.  and we decided on including the title/theme of the work in the upper portion of the wall.  in response to the discussion, i added in several more blocks to the already existing stacks, cut in a background wall with a couple of different pattern stencils, then added letters to the blocks spelling out 'building blocks.'  mindy cleaned up the lower section of the mural, painted in some army men, and documented the progress.  as the day wore on and the sun beat down, we were both getting tired and hungry.  everything i had to finish was ladder work.  so it was up and down all day, which left me a bit sore today.  

the final piece is more filled in and has a much stronger presence on the wall, where as before it felt a bit empty.  all the new blocks and the addition of the pattern wall i think really brighten up the aesthetic and i'm happy with the finished piece.  we will have the official unveiling soon.

several people stopped by and talked to us, even said they know of another community that would be excited to have something like this.  i love the idea of painting in all these small towns.  and i'm excited to do more.  we start another one next weekend, that we can hopefully finish quickly before it starts getting too cold to paint.

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