Tuesday, October 23, 2012

mistaken identity

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

I frequent our neighborhood grocery store at least once a week. It is just down the street from where we live, so sometimes Zach and I would also stop in during our evening walks to pick up a small dessert treat. In other words, I like to think of us as regulars at the store. There is so much to like about the place, from the helpful and happy staff, the gorgeous produce, to the familiarity of the layout (I like knowing where to find the things I need!). The manager of the diary section is my friend and I always stop to say hello to him even if I am not buying any eggs or milk. He is chatty and always has a recipe or two to share. This is the store that makes grocery shopping bearable. I honestly don't even consider shopping elsewhere unless I need a specialty item.

Lately, something strange has been happening to me at the store. It started with the cashier a couple of weeks ago, who asked me why I didn't have my little boy with me that time. I gave her a confused and awkward smile while I tried to figure out why she was referring to Zach as my "little boy." Surely I didn't look old enough to be his mother!!! And then the same thing happened with another cashier a few days later. Today, the produce guy asked me if my "little fellow" hates the rain and chose to stay home while I came to the store. I didn't have the heart to tell any of them it was a case of mistaken identity. I just hope to never run into my doppelganger at the store. It would be so tragically awkward.

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