Thursday, October 25, 2012

new mural project in west lafayette

we started on a brand new mural project in west lafayette last weekend. Pete Brown, two of his kids, and I met under the SR43 bridge to prime four giant walls.

this morning i began putting the robot outlines on the back walls.  the wind was relentless so I am leaving the 2 larger walls in front for another time.  Pete is in indy today giving tours of his Blind. show at gallery 924 at the indy art council but he will be helping me paint tomorrow if the weather permits.

mindy came with me (in her damn flip flops) to photograph, manage stencils, be my eyes from a distance, and help me with a sketchy-at-best ladder. i started by climbing a ladder with a giant stencil that was just getting beat to shit by the cruddy surface on the wall and the wind.  so we decided to give up on the stencil before it got destroyed and to just free hand in a bunch of outlines. i used the smaller stencils where i could and free-handed some gigantic robots.  these walls are so big and set far enough back from the road that the images need to be very large to be very visible. the images are fun and active, with most robots performing an action of some kind.  we ended up trying out the giant stencil again on the north wall, and it worked well enough to get by.

the wind began to pick up as we were about halfway through the second pylon. we were also starting to get hungry so we decided to stop for the day.  pete and I will hopefully be back to work some more tomorrow. Some of the kids who helped with Inner Alley Symphony will also stop by on Sunday to help paint.

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Always a curious experience--always a bit in awe. I like the work-in-progress posts. Looking fwd to more.

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