Friday, October 19, 2012

our blog is a year old!

We started this blog a year ago when we were still living in Portland. In the beginning I really struggled with writing posts and the idea of sharing bits of our lives so publicly (I don't even have a Facebook account!). I was also super conscientious about wanting to be private about our extended family. But now I am loving logging on here to pause and reflect on the things that are running through my mind. And I've also figured it is okay to talk about our family, as long as we're keeping things real. It is all about writing candidly and honestly, and this online space has been my way of keeping our friends and family involved and updated on what is currently happening with Zach and I. Sometimes it feels as though nobody is reading anything, but we keep on writing. So when we get comments on posts, or meet random people who tell us they've been tuning into our blog, I'm doubly excited and appreciative. Thank you all for reading and participating!

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