Saturday, November 15, 2014

Small Spaces: 5 Questions with Alejandra Carrillo-Munoz

alejandra carrillo-munoz

We are so happy to have Lafayette native, artist Alejandra Carrillo-Munoz a part of the Small Spaces project. Alejandra's piece is one of Zach's favorite, and you can see it on the back of the Haywood Printing building.

small spaces lafayette

Here's Alejandra's answers to our "5 Questions,"

1. What is your background in art?

I began as a fine artist meaning drawing, painting, new media etc. However, my formal profession is as a fashion designer.  I began as a bridal designer but am a women’s ready-to-wear designer at heart.  

2. Where do you get your inspiration and style?

Culture is my biggest influence.  In many ways, my own Latin American identity has cultivated my pursuit for utilizing the arts as a way to convey concepts, struggles, and celebrations and share it through a visual language.  Additionally, I look to the study of other cultures across the globe as a significant source of inspiration.

3. What does being involved with Small Spaces mean to you?

It is significant in that I get to share my perception with my community and I get to do this in the voice I love most, art. It is an amazing opportunity and I am very grateful when I know that someone has identified with my piece!   

4. What are 5 words to describe the role an artist plays in society?

Activist, Communicator, Stimulator, Provocateur, Entertainer  

5. Where (online or otherwise) can we view more of your work?

Fashion Portfolio:
Coming Soon, Personal Web site:

alejandra carrillo-munoz

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