Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Small Spaces: 5 Questions with Carrie Wing

Last Saturday, Zach and I spent the afternoon with Carrie and her friend Jennifer while she wheat-pasted one of her paintings on the back of the Lafayette Theater.

lafayette theater

carrie wing

carrie wing

Carrie also has a piece on the Haywood Printing Company,

haywood printing company mural

and she's working on a collaborative mural with a bunch of students from the Jefferson High School art club that will go up on the Lafayette Printing building next week.

I asked Carrie to fill out my "5 Questions," and here are her answers ...

1. What is your background in art?
I graduated from Purdue University with a dual major in Fine Arts and Art Education.  I've worked as an art coordinator at summer program called Cottonwood Gulch for the past two years.  I am currently teaching art at Jefferson High School.

2. Where do you get your inspiration and style?
Artists - David Hockney, David Bryne, Manny Cervantez
New Mexico
Graphic Novels
Google Image Searches

3. What does being involved with Small Spaces mean to you?
Making Lafayette Better

4. What are 5 words to describe the role an artist plays in society?
Translates the world around us

5. Where can we view more of your work?
You can come to my home and see my work.   I will make you tea.

carrie wing

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