Saturday, November 8, 2014

Small Spaces: 5 Questions with Mitchell Austin

I have had the great privilege of seeing Mitch paint for Small Spaces on several occasions. He gets better each time he puts up a piece. His techniques get more refined each time he wields a paint can. 

@ Lafayette Printing
@ TBird Engineering, on 10th and Columbia
@ N. 6th Street
@ Fuel Coffee Shop

Mitch does bold and brightly colored cartoon characters that are guaranteed to make you smile when you see them. If you know Mitch, you know he can be funny like his characters. Hanging around him, I've learned random new facts about black holes, Thor, Spider Man, and how Zach and I ought to consider buying a dining table soon (haha, inside joke!).

If you don't know Mitch, here's one way to learn a little more about him:

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