Friday, October 10, 2014

Small Spaces: 5 Questions with Bethany Hohman

The first time Zach saw Bethany's art, he was immediately captured by how "cute" her work is. He told me it reminded him of all the "cute" he had previously seen in Seoul. But the more he learned about Bethany's characters, the more enchanted he became with their backstories. For Small Spaces, Bethany painted an orange creature named TOWBY (an acronym for 'the one who was born yesterday') on the side of the Haywood Printing Company and on the wall by Bernadette's Barbershop.

bethany hohman

bethany hohman

bernadette's barbershop

I got Bethany to fill out my 5 Questions, and here's her answers:

small spaces lafayette
You can also see Bethany's pink elephant on N 6th St., right by McCord's candies.

bethany hohman

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