Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the wonderful, most amazing, littlest wildflower patch

botanical interest made in the shade

I love flowers, just not the store-bought kinds. Zach knows this well. He used to work in a wonderfully quaint little flower shop when we were first dating, but he never brought me any flowers. He understands I prefer my flowers alive, thriving, and amidst the dirt. The store-bought flowers always tend to look a little sad. You bring them home, they sit in a vase and wait to die. Wildflowers, on the other hand, are always carefree and happy looking.

botanical interest made in the shade

botanical interest made in the shade

So this year when we started prepping for our garden, we decided we would grow some flowers too. Sure, growing food is much more rewarding. But flowers make good food for the spirit. And the right kinds attract bees (excellent pollinators) and other predatory insects (pest control). We have pansies, violets, petunias, begonias, impatiens, borage, marigolds, snapdragons and several other different varieties of flowers in our patio garden. But it is in my nature to be a little over zealous when it comes to gardening and I decided that we needed a wildflower patch too. We clearly do not have the space for a wildflower field, so I did what I could and cleared a tiny plot outside the house, right next to the spot I park the car. As soon as the weather allowed, I sowed some seeds. Zach will tell you I scattered thousands of seeds. I think he is probably right. 3000 seeds in a 3 sq. ft space. Goody.

Before we left for New England we only had a handful of tiny flowers. Just imagine my surprise and delight when we came home to an insanely colorful display of cheerful flowers! I've tried my best to identify all the different ones growing, but there are still a few that I don't recognize ...

pink wildflowers wild flower
virginia stock
blue wildflower wild flowers
baby blue eyes
wildflowers wild flower
toadflax/ baby snapdragons. we also have yellow, light pink, and white ones.
wildflowers wild flower
yellow wildflowers wild flower

wildflowers wild flower
wildflowers wild flower
globe candytufts, in a variety of colors
wildflowers wild flower

wildflowers wild flower

wildflowers wild flower
shirley poppy
day lilies. i didn't plant these; they were already in the ground.
blue wildflowers wild flower
chinese forget-me-not

wildflowers wild flower
white (above) and blue bachelor's button
orange wildflowers wild flower
siberian wallflower

If you love wildflowers and want some of your own, most of the flowers I have identified are from Botanical Interests' Made in the Shade mix. A large packet covers over 600 sq. ft. so unless you are seriously spatially impaired (like me!), one packet goes a long way! The other flowers came from random batches of seeds I picked up from places.

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Wow. Absolutely stunning!! I am the director of social media and promotions and Botanical Interests. Thank you so much for your support and GORGEOUS photos!! :-)

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