Friday, July 26, 2013

the intimidator

Zach and I got an awesome sewing machine for Christmas last year. We asked for one because we had envisioned lots and lots of fun projects that involve sewing. But since December, the machine has been sitting out in the garage collecting dust. Every time I've thought about using it, I've been intimidated. Sewing is hard, and sewing with a machine seems doubly challenging.

But 2 days ago, we finally brought the sewing machine into the living room. After a quick browse of the instruction manual, I set up it up, threaded it, and got it ready to go. Zach is showing County Fair again in August and as usual, he is busy working on several updates. Since we have lots of scrap fabric from the Franken-animals (that Zach's mom helped us sew!), I thought it would be fun and easy to make some colorful bunting too. That sounded like a feasible first project. And so I sewed.

After finishing the flags, I tried machine stitching on cardstock. It was slightly harder to do, but it adds a pretty cool dimension to paper. Perhaps we can add some stitching to our next batch of block print greeting cards?

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