Friday, July 19, 2013

Stencils & Stickies + Animal Farm

stencils and stickies opens tomorrow in indy.  the show is presented by midwest street art and features work from indiana, illinois, ohio and michigan.  my work represented includes the 'ed-u-ma-cation' painting, the 'family portraits' piece, the 'untitled door', and a new cardboard series called 'robox.'  we are looking forward to a good turn out and most of the artists participating should be there.  there's a tag wall to draw on.  it should be a fun opening.

a couple of weeks ago i did an interview for the show.  pete brown and his oldest son came to my studio to film a bit and ask some questions.  i must commend them on their effort.  pete's son was learning the ropes of using the camera and editing.  but it was fun to see what stuff in my studio he gravitated toward.  he seemed to really dig the junk village that sits on the top shelf in the back corner.  they asked good questions that really helped seed the narrative of one of my better filmed interviews.  thanks fellas.

in the evening after the stencils opening midwest street art is hosting a pop-up show called animal farm that will feature work using animals as the theme, subject matter, or inspiration.  it gave me the opportunity to continue a new idea for my county fair installation.  we will be bringing some stuffed franken-animals.  that will later be included into 'county fair.'  it's going to be a full day tomorrow, but we're excited about it.  let's hope to hand out all of our business cards.  meet a few people.  and hopefully sell a couple of these crazy ideas.

p.s. more details can be found on our Facebook page.

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