Saturday, July 27, 2013

from the studio: 7.27

a new crazy stencil for this installation.  this took 12+ solid hours to draw and cut out all those little tiny spaces.  
today i worked most of the day at foam city, while mindy held down the print shop in the garage.  'county fair' is going to be exhibited again (install in a week), so i've been busy re-addressing some of its issues.  after showing in fort wayne, there were some broken parts i had to glue back together, fix, or just scrap.  plus there were some functional and aesthetic issues that i wanted to clean up and i just cannot resist adding new parts to this installation.  

here are some other things i've added or changed since that last time i installed county fair.

a little shameful advertising
the fair queens got a face lift via the lens from an overhead projector (thank you lorie amick).
it's pretty cool when you spin them around behind the lens.
the ducks now float in a wastewater pond, a la seurat's 'sunday on la grande jatte' (hence the french)
and there's a new tilty whirl.  not quite done yet.  there's a fun little addition that i haven't yet completed.
so while i was smashing, screwing, sawing, spraying, and scavenging, mindy was hard at work in the garage print shop turning out a new run of cards, using a new technique.  more on this tomorrow as we let the inks dry :).

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