Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gallery Walk last Friday

zach medler graffiti

zach medler graffiti street art

zach medler graffiti street art

Last Friday evening, Zach painted a new mural on the garage door of his studio as part of Gallery Walk. We got to meet some new people from the community and hang out with friends till it got dark. There were lots of laughter, lots of carpenter bees (who, I am pretty sure, did not appreciate Zach spraying so close to their holes in the wall!), and lots of music. Thank you to everyone who stopped by. We appreciate your support!

Haley Checkley, from the Purdue Exponent, also stopped by to interview Zach. She may have misspelled Zach's name, but I thought her coverage was really fun to read ...

(original article can be viewed here)

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