Wednesday, May 1, 2013

from the studio: 5.1

i spent the better part of the day driving around meeting with people about future projects, and mindy got started in the print shop, working with a new image.  we've been getting more and more into fabric printing, and we did get a sewing machine, so we're taking baby steps toward entering a world of wearable/carry-able/huggable art.  in the past we've made simple printed stuffed pillow animals and printed tshirts, but lately mindy has been working on pieces featuring cute images she can pattern and iconify.

last weekend, at the athens gala event, mindy drew a super cute picture on the free-draw wall.  we decided it would make a great bag or sweater or anything really.  so she re-sketched it on a linoblock and i cut it out for her.  this afternoon she started testing out ideas for some bags.  she tried some different things, then we broke out one of my pattern blocks.  i printed the pattern layer, doing my best to line up all the registration points, and it seemed to give the bag the color and playfulness it felt like was lacking.  the image of the girl is such a cute and playful image and the background just fits.

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