Monday, May 13, 2013

from the studio: 5.13

i've been in a bit of a depressive funk lately.  perhaps it's just one of those 'block' periods where everything seems confusing and disconnected, or perhaps i'm just depressed.  either way, while i've been making only little pointless things and elements of incomplete ideas, i've not made anything of any significance in a while.  but that hasn't stopped mindy.  she has found her stride in the studio, printing up a storm over the weekend.  she's intent on learning how to use our new sewing machine, and she seems to have fabric on the brain.  but she needs a bit of help learning the machine, so in the meantime she's been printing on blank pieces we've picked up from the mall.

from the studio zmedceramics

she started last week with some cute owl prints on a color block dress.  then she asked for a couple of new smaller robots that she could pattern with.  i carved up a couple of small blocks and she got busy making new patterns with them.  i went and spent some time with a friend, and when i got home she had created this super cute robot/gear tshirt for herself, and i was jealous.  thankfully i know the producer of said garment, so now we have matchy-matchy robot shirts.  a bit lame.  ok, real lame, but we promise not to wear them at the same time.  and how could i resist.

from the studio zmedceramics
block print robot shirt
zmedceramics from the studio
block print robot dress

a while back, mindy asked for an abstract cat head print, with the intent of making a dress ala the etsy lady that makes the cute cat head dress.  even though my image is very different from hers, randomly placed repeating images of a cat head around any dress looks like a rip off of hers.  so we've struggled a bit with how to use them.  yesterday morning though, mindy woke up with a great idea of how to use our little cat head print.  i blocked in a large abstracted cat head shape with masking tape and then she filled it in with the repeating print.  it's such a fun icon.  it looks like a cross between a heart, superman, and a cat head.  a great logo, filled with kitties and paw prints and a great way to utilize the cat head print in a wholly new way.

from the studio zmedceramics

so while i've been dragging, mindy has really picked up my slack and been producing.  now we just have to get these thing out there for sale.  but the ink has to dry first.

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