Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Art House Co-op: Print Exchange: The Drive Home

today after dinner we stopped by the letter box to unload our overflowing mail we collect only when we remember.  arriving amidst the bills, bulk, and bullshit was our art house co-op print exchange prints.  i had honestly kind of forgotten about it, but what a nice surprise in the mailbox.

we received 10 prints, all vastly different in technique, vision, and quality.  suffice it to say, some were better than others.  i mean, come on, miranda lambert lyrics?  that one would go in the toilet paper pile, if only it weren't printed on some cheap-ass card stock.  there's a couple of bad linocuts too, but those were to be expected.

then there are a couple of middling cute prints.  i really dig the station wagon print.  we had one of these when i was a kid.  ours was a rusty orange color, with no wood paneling.  we weren't quite in clark w. griswald's economic class.  the dreaming dog is fun too, but i'm not quite sure it fits the theme.  we also received 2 photo etchings.  the syria one is cool, because of its postcard look and the fact that syria is probably not a place to be visiting these days.

joolie b.
artist: Joolie B.
chris selin
artist: Chris Selin
servane briand
artist: Servane Briand
amy lowey horowitz
artist: Amy Lowey Horowitz

my favorite is an etching of a little girl playing.  i'm not sure of the print techniques involved, but the narrative is great, and i love the drawing style.  it, far and away, outshines the other 9 prints.

lo zappicante
artist: lo zappicante

what a fun experience this was.  getting the package in the mail was a bit like opening a pack of baseball cards as a kid.  you never knew what was going to be in there, but you were excited just to open it, and sometimes one stellar card could make you forget all about the less-than-stellar others.  i hope they do this again next year.  it's a super project and such a fun way to discover some new artists.  i hope whoever received my print looks me up ...

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Koosje Koene said...

Fun! I received 10 prints last week too, such a surprising and versatile bundle of art! A great project indeed.

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