Sunday, July 22, 2012

Winamac: People, Places, and Patterns of Pulaski County

the finished piece.  yesterday, before the unveiling, i added in the clothes pins, the birds and the clothes line.  
the winamac mural is titled People, Places, and Patterns of Pulaski County
last night was the official unveiling of the mural in winamac.  mindy and i drove drove out early to finish out the mural with its clothesline, some clothes pins, and a few new birds.  after i finished, and signed my name to the top, i took mindy to winamac's town park to wander around the power from the past show and to check out the swinging bridge (which made its way into the mural as an important local landmark).

volunteers, community members, and some of the kids who helped with the mural
climbing the ladder to paint in the clothes pins
the unveiling went well and we had a good crowd.  we coordinated our event with the grand opening of Tippy's Pizza and Beer (we painted on the side of their building) and the Power from the Past show.  The street was blocked off, the radio station was there, and the pizza and beer were flowing.  It was a lot of fun to sit and chat with people and meet and greet, and get the kids and volunteers to sign the piece.  i'm very happy that everyone seems pleased with the work.  it was a busy saturday and i thank everyone who came out, and all the support they showed.

we had to do something with the sign.  the birds seemed appropriate.
lynn darda (teacher, and TAF regional representative, and a major reason that we got to do this project in the first place), talking to the local radio host about the mural.  the radio was out here for the grand opening of tippy's pizza and beer.
joanna darda, art student at herron school of art in indy, signs her name to the one of the panels.  she created the stencils that we used for the pattern portions of the quilt.  her father, don, our lead volunteer, snaps her photograph.
special shout-out to Tippy's Pizza and Beer. love the generous NY-style pizza slices. the oinkster was the best!

p.s. more pictures on our Facebook page.

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Lynn said...

Awesome blog post! It was so much fun. Round #2 of the party, Overdue entertainment and dancing until 2am. Whew, what a celebration!

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