Thursday, July 26, 2012

sometimes ideas are hard to swat at like flies

it is one of those days in the studio.  i was there for about 9 hours and accomplished a whole lot of nothing.  i cut several stencils that i subsequently trashed.  i worked on a painting, then turpentined off what i painted on.  then painted on it some more.  then cut some more stencils.  mostly i think i just wandered aimlessly around the studio searching for some kind of inspiration.  but blah is the word for the day.  but these days happen.  i think most of us assume that art has no bad days.  oh but it does.  especially when you're excited to spend a whole uninterrupted day in studio.  then nothing.  not blankness, just blandness and unfiltered ideas and stories that jump around like flies that you cannot kill no matter how many times you swat at them.  so to the ideas i cannot swat, here's where you've gotten me today:

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