Thursday, July 12, 2012

winamac: mural day 5

the final product (kinda)
ah, complete.  mostly.  save for one small element i'll add in later.  but really.  it's done.  mindy came with me to winamac today to finish up the quilt mural.  we had fewer volunteers, but that was good for today, because everything that was still to paint, was at the top of the mural.  mindy and the volunteers "stitched" in the rest of the panels, while i finished out the imagery.  it was a lot of up and down the scaffold and the ladder.  we went through 6 cans of black spray paint, 8 paint markers, portions from 12 other spray cans, portions from 12 buckets, and a half bucket of primer (all are approximations, of course).  the mural however, is complete and it looks great.  i hope that the people of winamac will enjoy having it in their town, and it's something that will bring a big and interested smile to locals, passers-by and visitors alike.  we are going to have the official unveil on july 21st during the 'power from the past' show.  also tippy's pizza and beer will be having their grand opening and will have the street closed off and a beer tent out front.  should be a fun dedication.  stay tuned for more info on the unveil, but you can go check the mural out now.  it's done!

seems to be most people's favorite panel.  we added in the flag and the stars this morning.
today's lovely volunteer and paint stitching specialist on top the scaffolding.
it's a bit scary up here

top corn-er.  features corn pattern, a winter tree, clouds, an autumn tree on the brown panel, a pattern on the grey, 3 green houses, a deer, a corn field in the green panel, and rocking chairs in the light blue panel.  the underneath features a flower patter, and an autum tree.
middle of the mural.  features the swinging bridge on the upper black panel; black and white cows in the red panel; a corn pattern in the tan panel; stars in the blue; a blank tan panel; people walking and another panel of stars.  the children/flag/stars panel; the american gothic update; cyclists in the grey panel; a gas engine in the white; a winter tree in yellow; a deer in the orange panel; a canoe in the light blue; a pattern of barns; don darda's hands; children running and a pattern of leaves in the upper white panel; a kid eating corn; a blank red panel; a harmonica player in the blue panel and a summer tree in the light blue; the swinging bridge and a yellow autumn tree; an orange autumn tree in the dark blue panel.  town buildings and a winter tree are in the white panel and are repeated in the light blue panel.  the opera house is in the green panel and a pattern of tractors in on the dark blue; a blank tan and red panel with town buildings; the courthouse on the white panel and an autumn tree in the orange; the water tower in the dark blue and a winter tree in the white; a barn and cows in the grey and children running in the yellow.  a boy eats corn on the orange panel and a pattern of the flowers is on the brown; another pattern is on the yellow panel; and a row of corn and hand drawn stars is on the brown panel; traffic is on the red, green and yellow panels; an autumn leaf pattern is on the grey; a blank red panel; and the opera house on the white panel.  a pattern on the dark green and 2 houses on the brown.  whew.
bottom corner that catches the wind puff.  the courthouse is on the red panel, a train on the pink, town and summer tree on the grey.  houses on the dark green, town on the white, boy eating corn, flower pattern on the yellow and brown panels, and clouds on the grey.
i love the stitching on the cars.
the harmonica player; music notes added by don darda


Lynn said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You did an outstanding job Zach! as well as your lovely volunteer today! We've heard so many positive comments. I have a new found respect for stencils. Your stencils of the local buildings and swinging bridge are amazing. Thanks so much. Can't wait for the celebration!!!

Zach Medler said...

thanks lynn...i couldn't have done any of it without everyone's help ;)

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