Tuesday, July 10, 2012

winamac: mural day 3

eating corn on the orange panel.  pattern stencils on the brown panel cut by joanna darda.
we made some major progress on the mural this morning.  we filled in the rest of the shapes and began painting in the stenciled imagery.  the weather was better.  80 degrees instead of 100 degrees says enough.  we also had scaffolding loaned to us by david chambers (the wall owner) and more volunteer help.  there is still work to be done but we got a lot accomplished today.  we're hoping to finish by the end of the week.   it's going good and it's been a lot of fun.  tomorrow we will go back at it and put in some "stitching" and finish out the stenciling.  it's legal graffiti and i think it's looking cool so far.  thank you for all the honks and lookin' goods' from passers-by.  we appreciate the encouragement.

all the spaces filled in and images and patterns started
from the edge of the sidewalk


Patricia G said...

Honk, honk! looking really good. It's so good to see some hand painted Art going into the urban environment. Thanks to the wall owner for enabling it to happen. Good for passers-by to be able to watch it grow too.

Lynn said...

Great morning of work!

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