Tuesday, July 31, 2012

new stencils

i'm trying to get some paintings finished up before the weekend when i go to lake cumberland, ky for a few days.  i have a solo show coming up (opening the end of august) at artlink in fort wayne, and besides county fair and its updates, i'll be introducing this new series of paintings.  after the quilt mural in winamac, patterns have made their way into many of my new assemblage paintings, along with a whole bunch of new images and interactive features.

today i woke up way late and went to the studio and cut 2 new stencils, the capitol, and a classroom of 4 kids at desks.  many of the paintings i'm working on have been dealing with pop culture ideas, themes and images.  i'll post pictures as i finish the pieces.  the images below are on different panels of the same painting.

zach medler painting
the us capitol, with churches in the connecting foreground
zach medler painting
a classroom.  one disinterested student, one over-achiever, one sleeping, one staring into space.  

1 comment:

Mindy said...

it's as though you've been in my classroom!

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