Friday, July 6, 2012

winamac: mural day 2

marking spaces to color with spray paint

day 2 at the winamac mural brought us less teenagers, higher temperatures, and color.  today we began putting the first color on the work.  i went early and began by marking off a bunch of different sized 'squares. ' then we broke out the brushes and the house paint and started coloring in the spaces.  these pictures don't quite capture the size of this piece.  it's about 20 feet up in the air.  and when it's this hot, 20 feet up against a light colored wall is like standing in an oven.  we got as much done as we could stand this morning in the heat.  Don and Lynn Darda are generously going to try to fill in some more spaces this weekend while i prep stencils.  Joanna Darda will also be cutting stencils.  and we will begin to make this pile of colored squares look like a quilt next week by adding in textures, patterns, and images.  we also met with David Chambers (building owner) and discussed ways to 'hang' our quilt.  i'm thinking some stenciled birds on a laudry line would set our quilt nicely.  keep pace with us on this project.  i'll be away from it the next three days, but i hope to have it finished up by the end of next week.  send some cool weather our way.

filling in color with a brush
the window is now encased as one of the panels on the quilt

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