Wednesday, July 25, 2012

tiny planet pictures

Zach and I were reminiscing about the "old" days where you have to buy a computer program for hundreds of dollars just to have a software that performs special applications. These days, fancy apps that can do just about anything go for less than $30 and you can utilize them right on your smartphone! In fact, $.99 apps are about the only affordable things left that can bring you hours of joy and distraction. iPhone games are even known to have the power to make waiting fun if you lack patience!

And then there are photography apps. I imagine everyone has their favorite. Here's are some pictures I jazzed-up with the Tiny Planets Pictures app:

tiny planet SF
Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco
singapore childhood
Leon and I. My dad used to take us kite flying when we were little.
autumn trees
Peninsula State Park in Door County, WI
tiny planet
Zach's clay pieces, from a series he made for an Elvis-themed show at Curly Tale Fine Art in Chicago
Christmas time; tree outside our house
corn in the fall
Corn in the fall
Pretty cool, huh?

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