Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Pre-Vacation Etsy Sale

We're leaving for Singapore in less than two weeks!

We have arranged for the cat to be at kitty camp and for help with the plants while we're away. But since we don't have anyone managing our Etsy shop for us, we are forced to put it on "vacation" mode till we get back in June. So Zach and I decided that we'll run a big sale from now till the 10th of May (have you picked out a gift for mom yet? *hint hint*). Simply visit our shop here, and use the code "VACATION" at checkout for 20% off. Yes, 20% off everything in the store, even the items already on sale. 

It'd be the best time to stock up on cards and buy that print you've been eyeing. 

Or perhaps, it's a mug or a bowl that's caught your eye? Zach is taking a short break from working in clay this year, so the limited pieces left are the ones on Etsy and at galleries around the country. 

Well whatever it may be, we hope you have fun browsing!

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