Friday, May 18, 2012

singapore: day 06

with all the goings on with the wedding this week, i haven't had much time to draw.  we've been a lot of different places and done a lot of different things, but we've been quite rushed in trying to get everything done and ready.  the wedding went off seamlessly yesterday.  it was a beautiful affair that brought together the whole family that i've had yet to meet.  it was very fun to get to participate in all the traditions in a chinese wedding.  from picking up the bride in early morning to dinner in the evening.  mindy and i were exhausted when we returned last night.  next week we will be traveling to seoul and bangkok, so we will be posting more drawings of temples and all that awaits us in the up and coming korea.  

congratulations to the newlyweds!

for now, here are a few sketches from the Ion Orchard Mall in the heart of downtown Singapore. Singapore is known for its shopping and this building is amazingly HUGE and stands out as a postmodern bubble of glass and steel.

ion orchard singapore
Ion Mall, Orchard Road

opera gallery
View from the Opera Gallery

singapore urban sketchers
Ion Mall

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