Thursday, May 31, 2012

Re:covery Day

takashi murakami installation in the lobby of the leeum museum

we arrived back in singapore late last night after our 10 day trip to seoul and bangkok.  we had a great time and got to see many things i thought i'd more than likely only read about online or in books.  there were many highlights of the trip and rather than reiterate what our previous posts have already said, we simply went back through them and updated them with tons of photos.  we only took the iPad with us and the blogger app is quite terrible and doesn't allow for much design, so today as we sat around and recovered from our trip, we added new pictures.  i would especially recommend checking out the Do Ho Suh post, as what i wrote does not even begin to capture what the pictures can tell of that incredible show.  i feel very lucky to have gotten to see it.  and i feel very lucky to have gotten to spend a few days of my life in these cities.

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