Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand

We landed in Bangkok this afternoon. Took a shuttle van passed some bad graffiti, lots that looked like landfills, and sheet metal shanties to our posh-ass hotel. Bangkok on first look seems very dirty, a bit scary, and covered in motorcycles like mosquitoes. And from the van window that was my perception.

We arrived at our posh hotel over looking the city skyline, settled in, then hopped the sky train to Siam Square for my first taste of Thai food in Thailand.

This is what I've been waiting for. I love our Thai owned and operated restaurants back home in West Lafayette, and I couldn't wait to indulge here. We had fish cakes, beef salad, crab and glass noodles, kangkong with garlic, a coconut soup and a few different desserts. Holy shit this food is amazing and I have to give props to our local thai cuisine for being quite authentic. The difference is the freshness and the atmosphere. The coconut that I can hardly stomach at home is so good here that I can hardly wait to dip my spoon again. Everything had heat but in perfect balance to the sour and herbs that accompanied it. I drank beer for fear of the water and the light Thai pilsner seemed to wash everything down nicely. Mindy's mom warned me about the chilies but I had no problem with them because everything matched so well.

thai beef salad
fish cake
pandan chicken
baked pineapple rice

After dinner we wandered the streets a bit and checking out things in the marketplace then went for a foot massage. Another first for me and I hope not the last (we're only here for three days though). After washing my feet with a scrub my masseuse went to work sending my feet, toes, calves and knees into some level of nirvana. It was just the cure for 6 hours on the plane from Seoul. Now back at the hotel it's time for a shower and a good night's sleep before we go explore tomorrow.

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