Monday, April 30, 2012

Chair-ity Chair

my chair for the art museum's "chair-ity" auction entitled,  'WHAM'

   today i painted a chair
   for the lafayette art 
   museum's "chair-ity"
   auction.  i've of course
   waited until the last
   minute to do this.
   fellow artists' own 
   artist, lorie amick,
   gave me a chair that
   she couldn't use.  i
   hadn't started on
   anything yet so i was
   very grateful.  plus i
   think it will be fun to
   put my take on the
  same chairs she is

top side: super hero and marching robots in downtown lafayette. super hero attacks. WHAM.
the front of the seat back features downtown lafayette being marched on by robots and a red super hero.
the seat features a flying super hero in motion crashing into the robots.  WHAM.
   it took all day to paint
   it, which is a lot longer 
   than i had planned on,
   but it was fun to play
   with the spray paint.  i
   decided i wanted to do
   something with the
   super hero, the robots
   and the television,
   while thinking about
   the local community.
   so after cutting a
   couple of new
   stencils for the project,
   this is what came out.
back side:  news flash on the television.  the talking head is expressionless.
left side leg panel:  spraying dead corn with round up.  windmills in the background.

street lamps shine on the insides of all 4 legs.

the right side legs have 4 red super heros. 

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